Saturday, October 5, 2013

If I get cancer I don't have to sell meth

Democrats are in a bind. They are rich guys trying to represent the little guys who may or may not want their patronizing. its honestly a lot of rich people trying to speak for poor people. They have to because the poor people can't fucking speak, and are honestly dumber and more clumsy yielding power. So Obama comes up and he thinks he's a nice guy and what not getting these people health insurance. But he isn't them, he has to see himself as jesus like got the right vision for how to fix the shit. Crazy thing is that maybe with his unique biography he does, I mean he didn't choose to be a community organizer as the first step in a diabolic plot to become president. He actually worked with people a fraction of his intelligence and probably thinks he can speak for them. If you want to sell obamacare you need to have a salty sugary one liner for the poor people. It should probably come from comedy or celebrity ironically (the aristocracy does play a role in society). When you Jay Leno people on the street you need to hear the same message from every one, you need it to be something that makes them smile, and hardest thing is that it needs to be true. Here are some of the things that I want to hear the next time you interview random folks on the street. "What do you know about Obamacare". When I need healthcare it'll be there for me but I got a pay a fine until then Obamacare, govt gonna make sure insurance company can't take away my health care If I get cancer I don't have to sell Meth...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Repeal and Replace

For many many years the Republicans ignored the health care crisis. They were poked and prodded by the Democrats for decades and were able to successfully kick the can down the road. Then Barack Obama becomes president off the counter winds of the Bush incompetence. health care and the obscene practices and immense power of the health insurance industry became center stage. The president and congress did some serious and ugly sausage making to finally shake things up. On paper the idea is incorporates market competition and actually designed to save money in the long run. The real balance in my mind is that competitive health care industries are more efficient but the companies retain somewhere like 20% in profits by ensuring they deny as much coverage by making it complicated or by actual chicanery. The counter is that public offices are non-profit but loaded up with bureaucracy, inefficiency, and a "set in stone mentality" where no innovation is possible.

I am excited about the prospect of the republicans taking over, I am excited because they would actually have to solve the same problems with health care 2.0. The democratic health care reform may get repealed, but the they can't repeal without a replace and you can't keep all the popular line items without solving the universal coverage issue. In the end the point I want to make and the realization that led me to share my thoughts is that the democrats got us health care and it will be next to impossible for even the most fervent republicans to turn the clock back to the point where the problem just gets swept under the rug again.

The democrats attacked one of the largest and controversial issues of America and, even if all the details change in some final republican version or grand compromise, it was that shake up that shake up that ultimately changed things. Change happened, change is scary, and I am confident this change is just starting and that it will be good. I often think back to the first fedralist papers that pre-dated our current constitution; sometimes you need democracy to crash and burn in a 1.0 version to get to democracy 2.0.

Also, in the upcoming month I will be analyzing my local candidates and any national ones that strike my interest. Stay tuned for some punditry from Jazz Hands. Today's insight, I think I kinda like Tea Party Mc' Marc Rubio and will have more on that later.


I have decided I need to talk more about the movies I watch because I watch a lot of movies, even bad ones, and I judge, and from robo cop to ghosts of girlfriends past, there is some stuff that needs to be called out on how crappy it is and its due if it shines.

Tonight I am sad to say that loser is how I felt about the movie the losers. for the love of god they have the denny dude from greys anatomy playing the cliche super good guy. And not only was the movie so cliche for the whole "heros on a mission" genre, but it was over the top and poorly orchestrated. I wanted to vomit when super hero guy saved the 24 innocent children. I was so annoyed by the children gimmick that I first decided I am not going to root for writers next time they go on strike. I bet some stoner just lifted "rescue the children" story line from an old A team episode. Ironically it may still have been better that the A team. I understand the movie was based on a comic, er ah, graphic novel; but come on. Please. They could have kept the story simple without it being ridiculous. And was I not supposed to notice all those stomach churning moment where you just say "really". I have seen video games with better stories.

But I gotta say this movie did have something in the explosions, the over the top fight scenes, and just that raw sex appeal. Those things were on point at worst and kick ass in rare exceptions. There were some good names like the Stringer Bell guy, the Torch guy from fantastic 4 but there was one that stood out. The chick from Avatar/Star Trek (forget her name). That chick is so friggin hot you forget how ridulous the plot is or how stupid the shit they have her saying is.

All in all this film was bad. But I would like to introduce you to my new rating system for movies... drum roll... was it worth those 2 hours of my life and do I want them back? Even with all its flaws, I will say the movie was worth 2 hours of my life. But those two hours would have to have very little competition with a better movie.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you overreach... 39 will turn into 80... again...

None of my stats are accurate, they are close, but not accurate and I want to call that out with full transparency up front.

A 39% tax bracket is not going to kill the economy and, even if it presumably slows it, it won't slow it to the tune of the 700 billion or so we would be borrowing to make up for the loan and interest payments. I am not against that tax bracket but you must offset it with spending cuts and the GOP shouldn't get away with an unfunded give away and giving cash to rich folks under the guise of "it'll help the economy trust me" any more then the Dems should get away with inefficient stimulus programs (though I find it comical that those who say the stimulus didn't work cite the drying up of stimulus as one of the reasons for contraction).

Furthermore I never trust the man who thinks he is fooling me because when you are right all you need is the truth and the GOP talking points are specious/misleading at best and all out lies at worst. For example only 3% of small businesses will be affected by the tax rate cuz most are smart enough to ensure the books only show 250k in profits anyways despite the fact that they claim 50% of small businesses which are the "job creators" will be affected. There was a time of class warfare when the highest tax brackets where things like 80% and such and those kinds of brackets were ridiculous and releasing that irrational amount of burden on the upper brackets led to all the good things about Reaganomics. That rising tide has risen now and the only way to raise the US again is to rebuild the middle class and I think a bit (ie 35% to 39%) is completely rational even if I someday soon fall into that bucket.

I am generally in favor of pro-business and lower taxes but you must offset with cost savings. It is just as irrational to let the chinese pay for our healthcare as it is to let them pay for the top 1% of American's private jets, but at least my Christian values feel warm and fuzzy on that one. The GOP is a great propoganda machine and this may very well cost Obama and Democrats, but that will have to be the price they pay to do the right thing. And when the GOP gets into power and drives us into the ditch again there will be a 1930's style backlash and all the people complaining about a sensible 39% are going to be overrun by a tide of populism when it jumps back up to 80% because they were short sighted now.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Say This...

Those that are governing our country suffer from one fatal flaw. they don't know how to speak to America and don't realize people only can retain headlines. Here are the headlines.

The economy tanked because we went to war without war bonds and tax hikes.
We were going to be in a great depression, we saved you.
We planted seeds for new industries, look at those battery companies GM buys from.
We are bringing the wars to a dignified an professional conclusion saving billions
Renewing the bush tax cuts will only benefit the rich. period.
We saved the automobile industry with our faith in it and can't wait to sell our shares
We are sane and rational.

goodbye me... hello me...

Ideally steam will soon vent from my ears and there will be a release of pressure, an uptick in sanity...

I did not start a new blog today. I am not myself today, I was yesterday. Today is someone else, tomorrow I won't be who I am today ever again. This morning I decided that I need a place to release all the words in my head. I need to say "hello world" to the world that I can not allow to be real. I need to hide behind anonymity, and I need to say things, communicate things that I did not say, that I may not even believe. I own none of it. I confess to none of it. It may be. It may not be. It may almost be.

Friday, July 9, 2010

What's Using My Juice?

I am livid. I am angry at the world. I am angry at america. I am angry and the right the left and all of us in the silent confused and detached majority in between. Currently it is electricity that has me spinning because every sound bite and every consultant like speech, where someone borrows your watch to tell you what time it is, gets us no where. How about we all stop whining admit that no one is right and just start doing things again. Little things to start and let big people do big things, but for the love of god lets jar out of this frigging 10 years of complacency and stop blaming the Bush's or the Obama's or your taxes or anything else. Do something damn it.

My current frustration is due to the fact that my power bill skyrocketed the last couple months. I am livid because I want more then anything to bring that down and the power company is great at sending me little graphs and lip service for decreasing my power usage but this is all BS like the consultants and the watch. I want to use less power and I have started bugging my roommates to turn off lights, fans, and computers not in use but that is not enough. If we don't have a way to identify where the power is being used, the culprit, then how can you really make any change. And if you have to wait 2 months to see if any of the behavior changes had an impact how are you supposed to manage it.

It is 2010, and everyone and their brother claims that conserving power is their goal. We just shelled out billions in stimulous for energy efficiency and such. Well how about we start simple and we get some thing that duck tapes to every outlet in your house so that when the power bill comes you can actually identify the outlet that sucked the juice. If you know which one is the fat little piggy then suddenly you have the ability to conserve, probably more then a whole squad of those squiggly bulbs!

Ok America... I am laying down the gauntlet. This is not hard. Someone out there invent something I can buy at my hard ware store that will at least approximate the amount of power my outlet is using. It could be something that needs to be installed like a dimmer switch or less integrated like a power strip, but give me something. Its not that I don't trust that magic meter number the power company sends me every month, but if I can't find the parts of that whole then how the hell am I supposed to know how much electricity things are using. Not sure who's best interest it is to make that information so convoluted and difficult but that persons time is over. I am no green hippy tree hugger, I just want to know whats using all my juice.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

dead flower

The seed has sprouted, I allowed it to take root
Being together even when we are apart. You are with me
Sitting in silence with you next to me. You are with me
Laughing at something or another we see. You are with me
Holding you close in the evening and softly in the morning. You are with me

A beautiful flower balances with the water and the earth.

The fractious divide begins as a hairline. You are drifting.
Your voice is different, your eyes are different. You are drifting.
Plotting and preparing to avoid or accept fate. You are drifting.

A yellow edge appears on the large leaf, all at once I realize the petals are dry.

I see all of it now, you have said the words, they can't be unsaid. The end
Attempting to uproot the former flower from my mind. The end?
Reclassifying my memories as weeds by way of accepting it. The end!

Yellow becomes crumbled brown, the wind had taken all but the stem

Feeling you here even though we are apart. You are with him
Sitting in silence alone in the park. You are with him
Suffering the memory of something or another we saw. You are with him
Holding my head in my hands, I know those poisonous pains in my stomach.

It has died

The remnant of roots of yourself that I allowed you to plant lurch for water.
The slow suffering, dying of thirst, but they won't die fast enough.
Like a stain on my brain a residue of you remains afterward,

I see it when I use your expressions.
I see it when I see your name.
I see it when I see you in everything you touched.
I see it when I think about how great it was to have everything I wanted.
The stain. The rotting.

Moving along. A fresh breeze over my stomach and through my hair.
Opening my eyes. The wind blows away the dried up leaves but not the stem of you.
Guarded. I won't trade the dried up flower for anything, it hangs on my wall.
Content. Searching for new seeds in the wind.

Friday, May 21, 2010

am i done?

I found this little poem I wrote in a notebook I hadn't opened in a while...

I realize that I exist, and I am running
thud thud. thud thud...

The ground speaks to my body as the dirt and cement course from feet to head.
Inhale, exhale, breathe breathe. breathe breathe...

The pace of ghosts and hopes of my past pass through my lungs,
my days are distracting me as they melt away

My pulse quickens,
thump thump. thump thump...

There is no such thing as control, fear so pointless that there's nothing to fear
yet nothing but fear fills in my heart.
Speed up to let go. make it hurt. make the heart pound

Sweat drips into my eye,
sting sting. sting sting...

Wipe your eyes, clear your brow, and you can do this alone.
Coughs become primal,
roar roar. roar roar...

The demons need to be scolded away.
I stop.
I breathe the last deep breath

My sore heart races and is ready to break again
I feel the baptism of salt on my skin
my voice yearns to speak to silence

did I follow the trail?
did I finish?
did I go far enough?

am i done?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Falling off the fence... may need to see a DR!

I have been on the fence about health care and since some folks actually like my political ponderings I thought I would share my conclusion and paste a link to what the REAL fiscal conservative movement has to say about the bill when discussing it. It is by no means a glowing review but it is an honest point by point analysis of what benefits it affords, shortcomings it clearly has in the short term, and future liabilities that require a "follow through" from future politicians. This follow through is seriously in doubt based on historical trends.

After following this debate closely and empathizing with the calls to scrap the plan and find a more market oriented solution, my conclusion is that I support passing health care this weekend. My main conclusion is that the democrats have produced a bill that reflects our center left President even though they had no honest broker from the right that would require such balance, he held the liberals at bay all on his own. Obama used the diversity in his own party as a proxy to infuse republican ideas that not too long ago represented the "Bob Dole compromise". Imagine being forced to work with someone on a school project who was forced to take the class. All they would do is complain about the teacher and complain about the work, of which you were doing all of. In the end would you be able to translate their infantile whining into constructive criticism and infuse it into the final product as if they were given properly. That is Obama's gift.

I support this legislation because it is not the end in my mind but the beginning. There is nothing in it that can not be tweaked by a future congress (ie a good republican one) if the size and scope begin to balloon out of control as the republicans have promised. There is much doubt about future politicians appetite to follow through on the 2018 taxes and much well deserved skepticism about the fuzzy math that leads to the CBO deficit reduction number, but it is our responsibility to attend to these challenges not shrink from them. What the bill does is bring the invisible "the ER is my primary care physician:" into the light, gives me certainty that if I want to leave my big employer I can still get healthcare, and if God forbid someone in my family gets that rare expensive disease seen on the show House the insurance company will spend their efforts supporting me, not devoting themselves to finding a way not to pay.

I also feel that one of the most important aspects is this bill will declare from the rooftops that the status quo will change and the powerful forces against this change will now have to reset their calculations about how to self regulate. If insurance companies do not pivot to competing for our business on quality of care as a competitive advantage as opposed to their skill at denying coverage then they will usher in the single payer system that this bill pointedly avoided. My hope is that this bill will shift the ocean liner towards a future where America comes together to solve the problems and focus all parties on solving the problems. If the energy used to fight this bill can now be used to solve our problems within this new system, we can do it. I must note though that I do not believe this bill solves the problems and do concede it has the potential to do harm. That risk is now ours to manage.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free speech

This article is a fascinating explanation of the recent supreme court decision allowing corporations unfettered ability to spend in elections...

I do not have the time to communicate my strong beliefs on this topic because I honestly believe too much bad speech is better then even the slightest infringement on even the most banal speech. Basically I would rather 1,000 Larry Flints and KKK members (bad speech) be tolerated lest we prevent one person from reading the phone book into you tube (banal). Most of this comes from my firm belief that the government should have no say in making this distinction.

My point about this article is very simple though... perhaps we have stretched this too thin? Its like the 4 year old seeing how far he can spit and reclaim that spit after drinking a glass of orange juice, maybe its time to not suck this one up. The leaps of faith that I think we need to question are not whether limits should be placed on free speech but how we came to identify a corporations campaign spending as speech. In this I challenge congress to clarify what is and is not speech, and (to the ire of some of my friends) in a similar vain to how I call for a distinction between gay marriage and marriage, congress should allow for a separate but equal distinction of a corporation's constitutional rights and an individuals.

Basically, we can not allow the monopolization of speech any more then we can allow a corporation monopolistic powers to disseminating it (FCC). And we should re-examine the ruling that money is 100% entirely speech. This does not mean to cheapen president nor challenge my libertarian tendencies. What this is, is a call for the legislature to define these things such that the court is no longer responsible for doing this from the bench.

The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the law and the legislature for making it. You can not blame Alito or Roberts for this ruling, the responsibility falls on the Congress to decide how the law must be changed if this result was not to their liking. Our constitution is a living document that may be amended and clearly separating the protections of a "corporate individual" and a human one in the eyes of the consititution would do a great deal towards leveling the playing field such that they no longer hold undue influence on the powers of the government that "We the people" must control

Monday, October 19, 2009

the man at raiders nation

The line at raiders stadium is pandimonium on the way in. Liquor sits on the breath of every man, testosterone flows through the air, and everything is interactive and inflamatory. This gauntlet is not the place for a child.

Today there was a man walking with his boy. The child was at that age where a man is gestating inside the boy, he is being shaped consiously and subconsiously by every boob, rockstar, and dose of pop culture. The man walking with his boy kept one arm on his son's shoulder. They both wore the colors of the invading team, they were both the ire of the gauntlet though not the subject of any direct scorn.

In front of me stood a man. He looked like what you would expect a raiders fan to look like. If you didn't know better you may not ask for directions if you were lost, a woman may have instinctively clutched her purse in front of him in the elevator, and my mother would have locked the doors of the car if she saw him in the street. This man was directly behind the man and his son and he was surrounded by an ambivalent pack, all intoxicated by the moment.

The man in front of me did an honorable thing. The raiders fan represented all his kind powerfully and with a quiet dignity. You had to really be looking to see it, I can assure you the father and the son did not see it, but I saw it. I watched as the aroused mass lurched forward in a good natured frenzy with no regard for this man and his boy. You could see an awkward misunderstanding, perhaps violent, almost assuredely hatefull could happen at any moment, you could taste the two paths that this moment could have taught that boy who would soon be a man.

The raiders fan in front of me was shielding the man and his boy. He was doing it so subtley that you could barely tell he was doing it on purpose. The raiders fan kept a watch for what surprises may be coming at them, he steered his freinds and all the physical hootin and hollaring by "moshing them away". He was not clearly any more sober but he was clearly protecting the foriegn invader and his boy. Like a body guard he made sure nothing happened with general decency and honor. I noticed how he watched his friends and steared them jujitzo style from carelessly starting some shit, and none of them even saw the patronizing behaviour he emplored to keep them in check.

The raiders fan was so human at that moment and not just because he did right thing but because he did it invisible to untrained eye. That moment, that butterfly effect resonated through the man, the boy, the raiders fan and me. It did so silently potent and infinitely confident in mankind. It made me think deeply about how I think about God and what I mean when I say I see God everywhere. It is also my only explanation for how the raiders beat the eagles today, I challenge you to prove that wasn't God.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Isn't Law and Order a Conservative Principle?

In response to this article...

I am offended by the hubris that the wall street journals editorial board displays by labeling potential criminal activities as "policy disagreements". If the Bush White House decided to let the CIA steal a dollar from every American in secret to raise 250mm in additional revenue and their crony legal department wrote breifs to justify this, then would this theft be a policy disagreement?

I am an independent and I do not relish any investigations into the behavior of individuals who almost certainly were patriotic with our best interests at heart. But if the worst accusations from the left turn out to be true then someone needs to be held accountable. The most extreme charge leveled by the left is that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld purposefully used torture techniques known by the Chinese to generate false propaganda and confessions in order to corroborate their pre-determined conclusions that Iraq was involved in 9/11. If it is true that we tortured human beings because they would not provide information about something that did not exist (think 2 + 2 = 5) then this is perverted, it is criminal, and it needs to be prosecuted. I would also add that based on the strong arm and manipulative tactics employed by the office of the Vice President this claim from the left is not an entirely a fantastic notion no matter how many times Kieth Olberman spews it out.

This investigation is crucial for the US, the World, and humanity because 24 is a show and America is more then a nation, its the defender of liberty and the hypothesis that a nation of free men may exist where all men are created equal and no man is above the law. Pray this nation does not perish from earth by way of rot from within.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Seriously Microsoft, Gimme Something

I am sick and tired of using microsoft products even though, for the most part, I am a huge fan of Powerpoint, excell, and to a lesser extent word. But seriously there are some ridiculous little things that could help me out so much and they do not include these things in any of the releases across the 15 years or so I have been using their products. Since I have a blog I am gonna list some and just because I am a fair guy I am going to point out one they finally did include. For years I thought it was ridiculous that the only colors you could changes cells to in excel were the list of 40 colors available in the drop down. The most recent excel finally lets you use any color you fancy. Unfortunately it also saves your files with a different extension so all the files I need to share with anyone else always get reverted anyway...grrr

1. File History. You only let me see the last 4 files I opened? Are you serious? What is would be the big problem putting a link that lets you see the last 400 files you opened? You don't need to display them all but give me a button that checks. I can't remember what I named a file from this morning let alone something I may have been working on weeks ago. Hook a brother up with some simple ways to find the file he is looking for using history.

2. Losing my formatting. I may not be an expert so maybe there is a way to prevent this I don't know but I want to throw my PC every time I past something into PPT or word using a certain font, size, etc and it just changes it willy nilly. I could understand if it changed the format to be consistent with the other text in the text box or document. But no, thats not how it works, it doesn't retain the size/font of what I copied from nor does it lock in consistency to other text. WTF microsoft.

3. Double spacing. When I copy and paste something from other documents sometimes it gets double spaced. I have no idea why this happens and it is such a pain because you can't just hit ctrl +1 like you could in the old microsoft works days to turn it back to single space. I usually paste the offending text into a flat text editor and then paste that into my document. My guess is there is some hidden something that the text editor drops off, but c'mon why do you make this such a pain?

Ok, I feel better. I will probably add to this at a later date, microsoft will get to me again!